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"Принц-Полукровка — обложка"

У этого автора все герои мальца брутальные всегда, но рисует хорошо. :) Работа 2005 г.


HBP cover -final- by kyla79

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Чаплин требует причислить кизлярских мучениц к лику святых немедленно, ссылаясь на древнюю практику.

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Вау, ничего себе! До чего круто! :crazylove: К одноименному новому фику Tsissi Black.

Дважды кликабельно или прямая ссылка (ПС).



Mr. Lollipop, tumblr.

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More crack, vicar? Church of England reverend snorts coke, smokes crack, watches porn and says ‘I want a hooker’
A church of England vicar inhales from a crack pipe and says: “I’m a very happy man.”
The Rev Stennett Kirby, 64, smoked the highly-addictive Class A drug and snorted cocaine in shocking scenes at his church-owned home.
The respected community figure also watched porn, and chatted about escorts and a trip to Soho to buy liquid chemical poppers, which gives users a head rush.
Footage obtained by The Sun on Sunday shows Mr Kirby spark up his crack pipe as he relaxes on a sofa with a pal.
His friend then says: “You’re happy now, innit?” The churchman replies: “I’m a very happy man. I love it.”
He is seen staring at a TV, apparently watching porn, and adds: “It f***ing turns me on when I have this and I watch that.”
Mr Kirby, vicar of West Ham Parish Church in East London since 2007, then makes a crude oral sex reference and refers to women in a lewd way.
The vicar and his pal also discuss hiring a female escort and he says: “I wish I could. If I had money, I would. I’ve only got £10 left.”
When his friend tells him he prefers prostitutes to having a relationship, unmarried Mr Kirby — on sick leave from work — agrees.
Mr Kirby, known by his middle name Roger, says: “It’s too much hassle, that’s what I told you about women.”
Later his pal asks him: “Shall I make you a cocaine spliff?” Mr Kirby replies: “If you don’t mind.”
As music plays, the vicar reveals he is planning a trip to central London the next day. He says: “I’m going to Soho with my mate for dinner. I’m going to sex shops to get some poppers.” Possession is not illegal.
In other footage Mr Kirby, whose brother is a minister, can be seen snorting coke. His pal says taking it off the back of his hand is easier. Seconds later Mr Kirby says approvingly: “That is good” [#].

The Sun: Англиканского священника застукали за употреблением кокса и просмотром порнухи.

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"1 января"

Чудные! :inlove: Заглушку уберу, конечно ;)
01.01.2018 в 08:15
Пишет L0:

Название: 1 января
Автор: L0
Форма: арт
Пейринг/Персонажи: СС/ГП
Категория: слэш
Жанр: романс
Рейтинг: PG-13
Размер: 620х850px, 743 КБ

URL записи

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ОКР поднял лапки вверх

Draco Malfoy
Авада Нахуй Блять Кедавра!
ОКР выплатил $15 млн Международному олимпийскому комитету

Шантаж сработал. Значит и все обвинения признали. Ну или признают, если еще не.

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